Watch out – what you say on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter may well end up as evidence in the Family Law Courts!

“There is no way I am agreeing to her having the kids more as then I’ll have to pay her more money!”

“I will never forgive him for leaving this marriage; he’s not going to get his grubby hands on a single dollar!”

These are common emotional reactions in a divorce scenario and once they are up on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and other social media they can come back to haunt you in Family Law Court proceedings. These, and other frank comments, appearing on a client’s social media page can form the basis of hours of courtroom cross-examination, and may not be easy to explain away.

Also, family lawyers are often provided with copies of malicious emails or text messages (usually sent in the wee hours of the morning) which seemed like good therapy for the writer at the time. However, when read by a lawyer (or Family Law Court Judge) in the cold light of day, these ill-considered rants can do a lot of harm to the author’s case.

The consequences of such public ‘venting’ are magnified if there are older children involved who can access Facebook and social media themselves and witness firsthand the acrimony and hostility between their parents.

It is important to realise that once it enters the public domain, it’s accessible by everyone. Even your once trusted friends may not be as supportive as they once seemed and may be funnelling information back to your ex. Even if comments are posted and later deleted, it’s important to remember that in all likelihood, someone’s found the comments and printed them out.

The message is: if you are involved in a Family Law dispute, avoid using social media. On the other hand, if your spouse or partner uses social media, make sure you keep track of what they are saying- you never know what gems you might find for use by your lawyer!

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