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DeFacto Relationships

What is a De Facto Relationship? A person is considered to be in de facto relationship with another person if having regarding to all the circumstances of their relationship, they have a relationship as a couple living together on a genuine domestic basis. These...

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Who gets the pets?

So you have recently separated from your significant other, and now face the question as to who gets the pets? For most, our fury friends are more than just a pet and often seen as members of the family. This makes the decision of ‘who retains the pets’ a particularly difficult and stressful one.

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When can I apply for divorce?

Applying for a Divorce Are you at that point when you feel like you’ve given your marriage everything and there is nothing left to give? Perhaps you are considering divorce. As much as it would be nice if people could move quickly through this phase, in such an...

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Wills and Superannuation

A Will is an important document that arranges for the distribution of a person’s assets after their death. Without a Will there is no way of knowing or enforcing the wishes of the deceased person.  It is important to be aware that superannuation acts independently to...

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Who gets what?

How do Australian courts decide who gets what when a relationship breaks down? There are no laws stating that parties will divide their assets equally after separation, nor is there any established formula that gives one party or the other a certain percentage of the...

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I want a divorce, but I can’t find my spouse!

If you've been separated from your spouse for over 12 months, you might decide to take the next step and file for divorce. But what happens if you've lost track of your spouse and don't know where to serve the divorce papers? Although being unable to locate your...

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Online divorce application now available

At Adelaide Family Law we are excited to now offer an option for online divorce applications. If you are ready to apply for a divorce you can complete our online divorce application. Once done, one of our solicitors will contact you to finalise the application and...

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Am I in a De Facto relationship?

You and your partner are considered to be in a de facto partner relationship if you are not legally married to each other, are committed to sharing a life together to the exclusion of others, you live together “on a genuine domestic basis” and are not related by...

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Using Social Media During a Separation

Social-media posts and text messages may only take a few seconds to type out and share, but they can have long-lasting and unforeseen implications in divorce and custody cases. When confronted with the stress associated with a major life event like a divorce,...

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To leave or not to leave?

When couples separate, we are often asked whether leaving the family home will affect an eventual property settlement. After deciding to end a relationship, it often becomes hard to live under the same roof together and relationships can become strained, especially...

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