In the unfortunate event of a separation of a personal relationship (marriage or de facto), it may be necessary to visit a lawyer.

A lawyer is only able to help you if you are able to provide the necessary and relevant information. It will save you time and money if you are well prepared.

The following is a guide only, but will ensure you are on the right track to avoid some of the frustration and unnecessary costs in many repeat visits to your lawyer.

1. Provide the relevant dates for any relationship break down such as the date of cohabitation and the date of separation.
2. You will need to provide information about your work history, your former partner’s work history and any health problems suffered by you or your former partner.
3. You will need the full names and dates of birth of any children from the relationship and any special needs they may have.
4. You will need to detail what assets, resources and liabilities you and your partner had at the commencement of your relationship as well as at separation.
5. Your lawyer will also require details of any financial contributions from others or as a result of court cases, or even a x-lotto win.
6. The following documents should be taken with you where applicable:
– Copy of Marriage Certificate;
– Copy of the Certificate of Title of any property or properties you or your former partner own or have an interest in;
– Superannuation benefit statements
– Motor vehicle registration details;
– Your tax return for the last 3 years;
– Centrelink payment details;
– Investment details and records including shares and stocks;
– Appraisals or valuations of real estate;
– Appraisals or valuations of jewellery or antiques;
– Medical or psychiatric reports;
– Medical certificates;
– Details of all bank accounts and statements of each account;
– Copy of any current pension or healthcare card.

If you do not have all of this information to hand where relevant, do not specifically seek it before you see your lawyer.

If you follow this checklist you will be well on your way to making your visit to your lawyer a beneficial one.

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