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Adelaide Family Law are experts in all areas of family law including divorce, separation, children’s matters, property settlements, wills and defacto separations.


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We help people who are going through difficult times to resolve their family law issues. You can expect dependable legal advice, that helps you move forward with your life. Professional advice that protects yourself, your children and your assets. With over 40 years combined experience, we can help you when you’re trying to resolve any of the following matters:

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Family Law Services


When you decide that the best thing for all involved is to go your separate ways, you need clear documentation prepared correctly. Divorce can be messy, but we can clean up a lot of the loose ends.

Save time and money by using our Online Divorce Application.

Call us to find out how you can make the process as pain free and quick as possible. 

Property and Property Transfers

To achieve a fair and reasonable property settlement, it is important to obtain advice about property issues as soon as possible after separation. Adelaide Family Law are experts in this area.

Child Custody

Your children are more important than anything else. Keep your family safe by having binding parenting orders drawn up, and receive advice on child support arrangements.

Spousal Maintenance

After separation or divorce, you may be entitled to receive spousal maintenance from your former partner. Adelaide Family Law can advise you of your entitlements.

Court Applications

Adelaide Family Law can assist with the preparation of family court applications, assist in proceedings and provide representation if required for your family law issue.

Pre-nuptial Agreements

Protect yourself and your assets from a broken relationship in the future.

Don’t lose your hard work to someone else.


Adelaide Family Law can deal with the splitting of superannuation between separating married, defacto or same sex couples as part of the property settlement process.

Same Sex Relationships

Same sex couples are entitled to the same legal rights as heterosexual couples when it comes to separation. Find out about your entitlements.

“I would like to thank all concerned at Adelaide Family Law for the way they attended to my Divorce proceedings. At all times their communication and attention to detail was evident and at no stage did I have any concern regarding the diligent way in which they handled this matter. I hope not to have any need for their skills in the future but recommend them for further work. Thank you.”


Go ahead. You can rely on us.

Imagine what it would be like to have this part of your life behind you? Family matters can be extremely stressful, and your future happiness and financial position will be impacted by the decisions that you make today.

Don’t go through this alone.

Speak to a team that has your best interests in mind and will work with you until you are through this phase of your life.

We are professional, compassionate, efficient, and your happiness is our priority.

Reliable Legal Advice

You will get personal and reliable legal advice, specialising in the areas of family and de facto law.

Experienced Representation

Your matter is handled by our Family Law Experts.

People You Can Trust

You need compassion and understanding at this time. You are looked after all the way until we obtain the very best result for you.

We make your problems our problems.

“I would recommend that anyone going through a divorce in South Australia go and see Adelaide Family Law, I couldn’t be happier with the outcome in my case. My property settlement matter was difficult and complex. Lisa Gough at Adelaide Family Law is excellent at what she does, highly skilled, very thorough and I had every confidence in her expertise from beginning to end. She was also compassionate and took the time to really listen to my concerns.”

“The team at Adelaide Family Law were fantastic in helping me deal with my property settlement. I had Lisa as my solicitor and she was honest and straight to the point with her advice and provided realistic expectations. I was able to come to an agreement with my ex within a couple of months and it cost me a lot less than I expected in legal fees”.

“Thank you Sarah and Chelsea for handling this matter for me. Adelaide Family Law have been very helpful and professional throughout the entire process and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to friends and family.”

“I have dealt with Pam Murray and the broader Adelaide Family Law team, through my complex family law situation. I’ve have found them to be professional & understanding through what was a very difficult period for me. Pam’s advice and support during this period was very comforting and ultimately produced an outcome that was in the best interests of both my children & myself. I highly recommend Pam and the team at Adelaide Family Law.”

Michael speaks to Triple M about when it is recommended to get a ‘Pre-nuptial’ Agreement

Michael Ormerod, one of our Senior Family Law Solicitors, was recently interviewed on Triple M, where he spoke about when it is recommended to get a Pre-nuptial Agreement, and in what circumstances a Pre-nuptial Agreement may be void or challenged in court. You can...

DeFacto Relationships

What is a De Facto Relationship? A person is considered to be in de facto relationship with another person if having regarding to all the circumstances of their relationship, they have a relationship as a couple living together on a genuine domestic basis. These...

Staying Financially Sound After Divorce

Here is an interesting article posted by David Koch on the online news providing some good advice on how to stay financially sound after divorce. You can read the article here:...

Who gets the pets?

So you have recently separated from your significant other, and now face the question as to who gets the pets? For most, our fury friends are more than just a pet and often seen as members of the family. This makes the decision of ‘who retains the pets’ a particularly difficult and stressful one.

Amicably separating? Legal advise is still recommended

Going through a separation or divorce can be extremely challenging especially when there are children involved, and it is fair to say that genuinely amicable separations are very rare. Seeking advice from a family lawyer does not necessarily mean you are embarking on...

A checklist for your first visit to a family lawyer

In the unfortunate event of a separation of a personal relationship (marriage or de facto), it may be necessary to visit a lawyer. A lawyer is only able to help you if you are able to provide the necessary and relevant information. It will save you time and money if...

8 Helpful Tips for a Happy Christmas Holiday for Separated Families

It is that time of year again when things can become a little tense as summer holiday, Christmas day and New Year plans for separated families are negotiated and implemented. Christmas time is an important time for families, and should be a joyful time for children....

Social Networks – a Family Lawyer’s dream or nightmare?

Watch out – what you say on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter may well end up as evidence in the Family Law Courts! “There is no way I am agreeing to her having the kids more as then I’ll have to pay her more money!” “I will never forgive him for leaving...

When can I apply for divorce?

Applying for a Divorce Are you at that point when you feel like you’ve given your marriage everything and there is nothing left to give? Perhaps you are considering divorce. As much as it would be nice if people could move quickly through this phase, in such an...

Wills and Superannuation

A Will is an important document that arranges for the distribution of a person’s assets after their death. Without a Will there is no way of knowing or enforcing the wishes of the deceased person.  It is important to be aware that superannuation acts independently to...

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